What are the loyal supporters of AC Milan called? Discover the nickname of the passionate fans!

Comment se nomment les fidèles supporters de l'AC Milan ?

Origin and Denomination of AC Milan Supporters

Origin and Denomination of AC Milan Supporters

AC Milan, also known as Associazione Calcio Milano, is one of Italy’s most iconic football clubs. Founded in 1899, this club has a long and rich history which has aroused the passion of many supporters around the world. In this article, we’ll delve into the origin and denomination of AC Milan supporters, to learn more about this loyal and passionate community.

The origin of AC Milan supporters

The origin of AC Milan supporters dates back to the beginnings of the club at the beginning of the 20th century. Over the years, a fervent and loyal fan base has formed, supporting their team in every game. These enthusiasts, often local but also international, have come together to form a close-knit community around their love for AC Milan.

The denomination of AC Milan supporters

AC Milan supporters are commonly referred to as “Rossoneri” due to the club’s traditional colors of red and black. ‘Rossoneri’ means ‘the reds and blacks’ in Italian, and this is how AC Milan fans are known across the footballing world. These fans are proud to wear their team’s colors and show their unconditional support in every game.

The different types of supporters

AC Milan supporters are diverse and fall into different categories. Home fans, who live in or around Milan, are the most visible at home games. They fill the stands of the San Siro stadium and create an electric atmosphere with their songs and encouragement.

On the other hand, there are also the international fans, who support AC Milan from afar. These fans are scattered across the globe, but stay connected through their shared passion for the club. They follow the matches on television or in streaming, and many are those who travel to Milan to attend important matches.

Fan initiatives

AC Milan supporters are known for their commitment and involvement in the life of the club. They regularly organize rallies, events and charity actions, showing their pride in belonging to the Rossoneri community.

Additionally, AC Milan supporters are active on social media and online forums, sharing their opinions and love for the club. They closely follow team news, player transfers and express their support virtually.

The unwavering passion of the supporters

The passion of AC Milan fans is incredibly strong and unwavering. Whether it’s good or bad times for the team, these fans are always there to support and encourage their club. Whether it’s through chants, flags, scarves or shirts, AC Milan fans go all out to show their love for the team.

Thus, the origin and naming of AC Milan supporters illustrates the rich history and passion that surrounds this iconic club. Whether you’re a long-time Rossonero or a new fan, the AC Milan fan community will welcome you with open arms. Join the official AC Milan Instagram account to stay connected with team news and be part of this fantastic community.

The Different Fan Groups of AC Milan

The Different Fan Groups of AC Milan

1. The Ultras Rossoneri

The Ultras Rossoneri are undoubtedly AC Milan’s most famous and passionate group of supporters. With their constant presence at home and away games, they create an incredible atmosphere in the stadiums. Their resounding chants and impressive tifos thrill the fans and energize the team.

Cars: The Ultras Rossoneri are known to arrive in force when traveling by car. The Italian highways are transformed into real processions of cars in the colors of the club, thus creating a festive atmosphere even before arriving at the stadium.

2. Curva Sud Milano

The Curva Sud Milano are a group of committed supporters who occupy the south stand of the San Siro stadium. Their unbridled passion for the team is manifested in fiery chants, flags and banners in the colors of AC Milan. They actively support the team and actively participate in the life of the club.

Forum: Curva Sud Milano have their own online forum where AC Milan owners and fans can share their love for the club. It’s a great place to discuss the latest results, transfers and to exchange useful information.

3. The Milan Clubs

The Milan Club are associations across Italy made up of AC Milan supporters. These clubs allow fans of the club to meet, watch matches together and organize special events. They are a gathering place for fans who want to share their passion for AC Milan.

Owners: The Milan Club are also open to owners of cars from brands associated with AC Milan. These brand car owners can get together and take part in car events linked to the club.

4. Tifosi Internazionale

Tifosi Internazionale are a group of supporters who rival Ultras Rossoneri. This passionate group supports the other big club in Milan, Inter Milan. The games between AC Milan and Inter Milan, known as the Derby della Madonnina, see these two groups face off, creating an electric atmosphere in the stadium.

fans: Tifosi Internazionale are fierce and dedicated fans who fight for their team to win. Their unconditional support is a driving force for Inter Milan, and they do everything in their power to show their love for their team.

Whether you are an Ultra Rossoneri, a member of Curva Sud Milano, a member of a Milan Club or a Tifoso Internazionale, one thing is certain: love for football and for AC Milan is a bond that unites all fans. So no matter which group you belong to, the main thing is to support and celebrate your team with passion and pride!


  • When was AC Milan founded?
  • AC Milan was founded in 1899.
  • What is the nickname of AC Milan?
  • AC Milan are nicknamed the “Rossoneri” in reference to their famous red and black jerseys.
  • How many times have AC Milan won the Champions League?
  • AC Milan have won the Champions League seven times.
  • What is AC Milan’s biggest rivalry?
  • AC Milan’s biggest rivalry is with Inter Milan, known as Derby della Madonnina.

Don’t hesitate to show your passion for AC Milan by joining one of these amazing fan groups. Forza Milano!

What are the loyal supporters of AC Milan called?

If you’re an avid AC Milan fan or just a curious football lover, you’ve surely wondered what supporters of this iconic Italian club are nicknamed. Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will introduce you to the names of these unconditional and proud supporters.

The Rossoneri, the passionate tifosi of AC Milan

AC Milan supporters are commonly known as the Rossoneri, in reference to the emblematic colors of the Milanese club, red and black. These colors represent the all-consuming passion and elegance of the club. The Rossoneri are recognized around the world for their fervor and unwavering commitment to their core team.

These loyal supporters live and breathe football, cheering AC Milan on every game, whether at the San Siro Stadium or from their sofa. They create a festival atmosphere, singing and cheering on their team with passion, whatever the outcome.

AC Milan has one of the most fervent and dedicated fan bases in all of Italian football. The Rossoneri are known for their unconditional loyalty to the club no matter what ups and downs it encounters.

If you want to know more about AC Milan supporters, you can click on this link: AC Milan: discover the names of its passionate supporters!. Here you will find all the necessary information on the activities of the Rossoneri and how to join this great family of supporters.

Overheated atmosphere and pride at the rendezvous

Whether it’s the traditional chants, the flags waving in the stands or the grandiose choreographies, AC Milan can always count on its supporters to create an overheated and unforgettable atmosphere. The Rossoneri are football enthusiasts who live each match intensely, whether they are present at the stadium or watching the match on television.

Their love for AC Milan is transmitted from generation to generation, making each supporter a strong link in the great chain of passion around the club. The Rossoneri are proud of their team and do not hesitate to show it loud and clear.

In conclusion, AC Milan supporters, known as Rossoneri, are passionate tifosi who support their team unwaveringly. Whether you are a regular at the San Siro stadium or a fan in front of your television, joining this big family of supporters is an unforgettable experience. So, don’t wait any longer, put on your red and black jersey and vibrate to the rhythm of the Rossoneri!

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The Role and Importance of Loyal AC Milan Supporters

The Role and Importance of Loyal AC Milan Supporters

AC Milan, one of the biggest Italian football clubs, is known for its rich history, numerous titles and great performances on the pitch. But behind every success is a group of loyal supporters who play a vital role for the club. In this article, we will explore the role and importance of loyal AC Milan supporters, those passionate people who carry the club’s colors and values ​​high.

The fans, the soul of the club

At the heart of every football club is a community of supporters who bring their passion, support and energy to the team. AC Milan fans are no exception to this rule. They are the soul of the club, capable of transforming a simple match into a memorable event. Their presence in the stands is essential to support the players and encourage them to give their best.

The South Curva, the grandstand where the hard core of Milanese supporters meet, is renowned for its electric atmosphere and fiery chants. These passionate supporters create a unique atmosphere that motivates players and pushes them to excel. Their chants, flags and colorful tifos are an integral part of the AC Milan experience.

Unconditional support

Loyal AC Milan fans don’t just cheer on the team from the stands. They are also present when traveling away, ready to travel for miles to support their favorite team. Whether in Serie A, the Italian Cup or the Champions League, Milan fans make themselves heard and show their unconditional support.

The club he himself recognizes the importance of his loyal supporters and pays tribute to them. AC Milan regularly organizes special events to allow supporters to meet the players, visit the club’s facilities and experience unique moments around their common passion.

An unbreakable bond

AC Milan is much more than just a football club for its loyal supporters. It’s a way of life, a family they belong to. The supporters share moments of joy and disappointment, but always remain united behind their club. They are proud to wear the red and black colors, a symbol of their love for AC Milan.

Puma, the official kit supplier of AC Milan, knows how important fans are to the club. The brand offers a range of products specially designed for Milan supporters, allowing everyone to show their belonging and support for the team.

AC Milan’s loyal supporters play a vital role in the club’s success and identity. Their passion, their unconditional support and their unwavering presence create a unique and motivating atmosphere for the players. They are the soul of the club and the unbreakable bond that unites the fans and AC Milan. Whether in the stands or traveling away, their love for the club knows no bounds. So, let’s continue to support our Rossoneri with pride and passion! Forza Milano!


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The Gruppi Organizzati AutoGestiti: the beating heart of AC Milan

The Gruppi Organizzati AutoGestiti: the beating heart of AC Milan

Imagine yourself in an Italian stadium, where thousands of fans sing in unison, creating a symphony of passionate voices. This is the unique atmosphere of AC Milan matches, magnified by the unconditional support of its supporters.

What are the Gruppi Organizzati AutoGestiti?

The Gruppi Organizzati AutoGestiti, or GOA for short, are the official supporter groups of AC Milan. They play a crucial role in creating an energetic and passionate atmosphere during matches at the San Siro stadium.

GOAs are associations run autonomously by supporters, who meet regularly to discuss club life, organize events and promote passion for Milan. These groups are independent from AC Milan in terms of management, but they have a close relationship with the club and work closely together to support the team.

The key role of GOAs

The GOAs are truly the beating heart of AC Milan. Their chants, their spectacular tifos, and their boisterous presence in the stands resonate throughout the stadium, giving extra energy to the players on the pitch.

These groups also play a vital role in promoting the identity of the club. They create strong bonds between Milan fans, allowing AC Milan enthusiasts to meet each other, share their love for the club and live an unforgettable football experience.

The main GOAs of AC Milan

Several groups of supporters make up the AC Milan GOA family. Among the best known are:

– Commando Ultra Curva Sud: This group is renowned for its incessant vocal support and its impressive tifo in the Curva Sud, the southern stand of the San Siro stadium.

– Fossa dei Leoni: Founded in 1963, this group is one of the oldest and most active on the Milan fan scene.

– Brigate Rossonere: Known for their inspired songs and their colorful presence in the stands, the Brigate Rossonere are a very committed group of supporters.


Q: How do I join an AC Milan GOA?

A: To join an AC Milan GOA, you can go to their official website or contact them directly via social media. They will provide you with all the information you need to become a member and participate in group activities.

Q: Do the GOAs organize travel for away matches?

A: Yes, GOAs often organize travel for away matches. This is an opportunity for Milan fans to follow their team and show their support, even outside the San Siro.

In conclusion

The Gruppi Organizzati AutoGestiti are much more than just groups of supporters. They are the link that unites Milan fans, creating a unique atmosphere in the stadiums and contributing to the identity of the club. So, if you are an AC Milan fan, join a GOA and live the Italian football experience like never before!