Don't miss a minute of the action: What day will Real Madrid play?

Quel jour le Real Madrid va jouer ? Ne ratez pas une minute de l'action !

Next Real Madrid matches: dates and times

Next Real Madrid matches: dates and times

If you are a hardcore Real Madrid fan, then you have come to the right place! We have gathered all the necessary information so that you do not miss any of the next matches of your favorite team. Whether at home or away, we have the dates and times of upcoming matches. So get your diaries out and get ready to experience the suspense and excitement that only Real Madrid can deliver!

Match schedule:

Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona – El Clasico

Date: October 24, 2021

Time: 9:00 p.m.

Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid

Date: November 7, 2021

Time: 4:15 p.m.

Real Madrid v Juventus

Date: November 23, 2021

Time: 9:00 p.m.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where will Real Madrid’s home games take place?

All Real Madrid home matches will be played at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, located in Madrid, Spain.

2. How can I buy tickets for a Real Madrid match?

You can buy tickets for Real Madrid matches on the club’s official website, at authorized outlets or through authorized resellers.

3. What are the other important upcoming matches for Real Madrid?

Along with the previously mentioned matches, Real Madrid will also face teams such as Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool and Inter Milan during the season.

Don’t miss the next Real Madrid matches and vibrate to the rhythm of the exploits of your favorite players. With our complete guide to dates and times, you can plan your football evenings with family or friends. Join the millions of fans around the world cheering on Real Madrid on their quest to win. Go Madrid!

Plan ahead: Real Madrid schedule

Plan ahead: Real Madrid schedule

The Real Madrid calendar: a strategic plan for the season

Real Madrid, one of the most prestigious football teams in the world, is known for its talent, history and undeniable competitive spirit. For dedicated fans, planning the game schedule is a crucial step to not miss any performance of their favorite team. In this article, we bring you a comprehensive guide to the Real Madrid schedule, with a focus on key information to consider and important dates to remember.

Consider home and away games

When planning your schedule to support Real Madrid, it’s essential to consider home and away games. Home matches are usually played at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, a legendary arena that echoes with the energy of passionate fans. Attending a home game is an unforgettable experience, so be sure to mark these dates in your calendar. As for away games, they can be just as exciting, offering the chance to experience fan adventures by traveling to different cities and stadiums in Spain and Europe.

Important dates and classic rivalries

Real Madrid’s calendar is full of important fixtures and classic rivalries that keep fans’ hearts racing. Among the matches not to be missed are the confrontations against FC Barcelona, ​​one of the biggest derbies in world football, known as “El Clásico”. These epic meetings between the two Spanish giants leave no one indifferent and highlight the intense rivalry between the two clubs.

FAQ: Are the matches between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona always given live on television?

Yes, usually these matches are shown live on TV, allowing Real Madrid fans around the world to follow the action from the comfort of their own home.

In addition to the ‘El Clásico’, Real Madrid are also involved in other legendary rivalries like the one against Atlético Madrid, known as the ‘Madrid Derbi’. These matches are often played with fierce intensity, raising the tension on the pitch.

Acquire tickets and timetables in advance

To attend Real Madrid matches, it is important to purchase tickets in advance. Tickets for home games are often very popular and sell out quickly. You can purchase the tickets on the club’s official website, through ticket sales platforms or from authorized resellers. Be sure to check ticket on-sale dates regularly and book early so you don’t miss out.

Name sponsors in the calendar

Throughout the Real Madrid calendar, you will notice that many matches are associated with sponsors. These sponsors play a vital role in supporting the team financially and deserve recognition. Some of Real Madrid’s most notable sponsors include adidas, Emirates and Audi. Their support contributes to the greatness and continued success of the team.

Summary table of key Real Madrid matches

Here is a table summarizing Real Madrid’s key matches for the current season:

09/15/2021Atletico MadridOutside
27/10/2021Sevilla F.C.Residence
10/11/2021Valencia CFOutside


By planning ahead and using key information from the Real Madrid fixtures, you’ll be ready to support your favorite team and experience unforgettable football moments. Whether you attend home or away games, or follow the results from home, Real Madrid’s calendar offers plenty of opportunities to experience the passion of football. So get ready, mark the important dates in your calendar and get ready to support Real Madrid throughout the season. ¡Hala Madrid!

What day will Real Madrid play? Don’t miss a minute of the action!

Real Madrid: a legendary team

Real Madrid is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious and beloved football teams in the world. With an incredible track record, including numerous titles and trophies, it’s no wonder fans are always on the lookout for the club’s upcoming matches. So, what day will Real Madrid play? Don’t worry, we’ve got the information you need so you don’t miss a minute of the action!

Book your agenda for upcoming matches!

In order not to miss Real Madrid matches, it is important to regularly consult the club’s official calendar. You can find it on their official website at: The calendar is regularly updated to give you the latest information on upcoming matches.

Major events not to be missed

Real Madrid play in different competitions throughout the season including La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League. Each of these competitions offers thrilling matches and epic clashes. So you can enjoy the action on the pitch following your favorite team.

In La Liga, Real Madrid regularly face teams such as FC Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid and Valencia CF. These matches are always eagerly awaited and offer a high-level spectacle.

When it comes to the Champions League, Real Madrid are known for their outstanding performances. With memorable victories in this competition, the club has written its name in football history. Do not miss the most exciting matches of this competition by following the calendar carefully.

Stay tuned so you don’t miss a thing!

To make sure you don’t miss any Real Madrid matches, we recommend that you follow the club’s social networks. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Real Madrid is very active on these platforms and will keep you informed of the latest news, results and match dates.

So don’t wait any longer, mark the date in your diary and get ready to vibrate with your favorite team. Real Madrid is ready to give it their all on the pitch, and you wouldn’t want to miss a minute of their action!

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Don’t miss Real Madrid’s next game

Don't miss Real Madrid's next game

Real Madrid, one of the most famous football teams in the world, are ready to spring into action in their next game. If you are a football fan or just curious to see a high level sports performance, this match is an event not to be missed! Whether you’re an avid fan or just looking for a moment of entertainment, Real Madrid are sure to put on a thrilling show.

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Real Madrid is more than just a football club. He embodies the passion, excellence and glorious history of the sport. By spending time watching these talented players on the pitch, you will understand why they are considered one of the best teams in the world.

If you want to live an unforgettable experience, the Jacques stadium Charles is where you need to be. This iconic location is the beating heart of Real Madrid, where fans gather to show their support and cheer on their favorite team.

An epic match in perspective

Real Madrid’s next game promises to be a real spectacle. Whether you are a football fan or just curious, you will be captivated by the impressive skills of these world famous players. Expect elegant dribbling, precise passing and powerful shooting. Every minute spent in the stands will be filled with strong emotions and moments of pure happiness. Real Madrid never disappoints!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is Real Madrid’s next match?
  2. Who will be the opponents in this match?
  3. How can I get tickets to watch the game?
  4. You can get tickets to watch the game by visiting the official Real Madrid website or buying them at the ticket office at the Jacques Charles stadium.

Attending the next Real Madrid match is much more than just a sporting event. It’s a unique experience that will allow you to appreciate the talent of the players, the electric atmosphere of the Jacques Charles stadium and the passion of the supporters. Do not miss this opportunity to experience strong emotions and create unforgettable memories. Secure your spot now and prepare to be amazed by Real Madrid’s masterful play!

Stay connected: follow all the matches of Real Madrid

Keep up to date with all Real Madrid fixtures with a permanent connection

Real Madrid is one of the most famous and followed football clubs in the world. Whether you are a passionate football fan, a Real Madrid supporter for years or simply curious to discover this legendary club, staying connected is essential to not miss any of the matches and performances of this legendary team.

Follow Real Madrid wherever you are

With today’s advancements in technology, it’s easier than ever to follow Real Madrid matches live, no matter where you are. From mobile applications dedicated to streaming broadcasts to specialized websites, the options are vast to virtually attend each match.

A popular option to stay connected is to download the official Real Madrid app. This app gives you comprehensive live match coverage, video highlights, detailed stats, and more. You can also customize your preferences to receive real-time notifications about the highlights of each match.

Social networks, your ally to interact with other fans

Social media is a great way to stay connected with the Real Madrid fan community and share your passion for the club. Follow the official Real Madrid accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms to get the latest news, exclusive videos, and updates direct from the club itself.

You can also join fan groups on social media or participate in online chats to share your opinions, discuss Real Madrid’s performance and interact with other supporters around the world. An opportunity to live the experience of a community united around the same passion.

Use sports betting sites to follow the matches live

If you are also interested in sports betting, many bookmaker sites now offer live streaming features for football matches, including those of Real Madrid. You can watch the matches live while placing bets on the results and enjoy an immersive experience with each match.

However, it is important to never forget that gambling should remain responsible entertainment. Set limits and only bet what you can afford to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q : Where can I find the official Real Madrid app?

R : You can find the official Real Madrid app on the App Store for Apple users or on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Q : Is there an official Real Madrid website to watch the matches live?

R : Real Madrid offers an official streaming platform, “Real Madrid TV”, where you can watch the matches live for a monthly subscription.


Make sure you stay connected so you never miss a Real Madrid match. Download the official app, follow social networks, use sports betting sites to watch live. Together, these different options will allow you to fully experience Real Madrid matches and share your passion with a united community of fans.